And so it begins.

Traveling is the single thing I enjoy most in life. I don’t have any particular talents, and my temporary “hobbies” have typically been little more than fleeting interests – certainly not enough to fill up a blog. I don’t want to start (and eventually abandon) yet another boring travel blog, the likes of which are strewn about the interwebs, in which I write about trips to inane places using unnecessarily flowery language. I do, however, want to keep a log of places I’d like to visit, places I’ve enjoyed the most, and places to which I’m actively planning trips. I currently have something of the sort on a giant whiteboard in my office, where flight itineraries are spelled out in IATA codes like some kind of Cro-Magnon-era cave paintings. This, with a few more poetic flourishes and maybe some Instagrammed pictures, is what I will transfer over to this space.

Eventually. Soon. Hopefully.


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