Funky Paris

Atlas Obscura may be my new favorite thing: it’s a great crowdsourced collection of destinations off the beaten path. It’s too vast for me to cover in a night – I only made it to page 16 – but I did come across some great finds, including places that are going on my list of things to see when I’m in Paris for work in a couple of weeks. My top pick: a Bohemian “artist squat” at 59 rue de Rivoli!


Here I must admit that I’m not actually crazy about Paris. I’ve done all the touristy stuff and I’ve never been blown away by the city, except for this one particular spot in front of the Sacré-Cœur from which I love watching the sun rise:


This time I’m going to plan my free time better and see as much of the off-road stuff as possible (with the exception of taxidermist crafts, because, um, ew.) The Arènes de Lutèce, which I always forget to visit, are on my list, as is Un Regard Moderne, where I will probably definitely buy too many books. We’re staying near Pigalle, which is guaranteed to be a shitshow, so my evening plans are sorted.

Might any Paris experts have further advice on cool and/or weird things to see?

IMAGE CREDITS: (1) Wikimedia Commons, (2) mine!