Deal of the Week: DC to Istanbul, Jan/Feb 2013

As part of an effort to do more for other people this year, I’m going to start sharing great travel deals I find around the interwebs, in the hopes that someone can take advantage of them, have a great trip, and spread general joy and cheer. Consider this my version of “baking a cake filled with rainbows and smiles that everyone would eat and be happy…” (c).

This week’s deal: DC to Istanbul for ~ $525 RT in January 2013 on Turkish or ~ $440 RT in February (dates vary) on United, Delta, KLM – take your pick.


If we weren’t going to the Grand Canyon, I would SO be there – this is an amazing bargain. Do it! Not that you should need any more convincing, but here’s the Lonely Planet guide to Istanbul that should seal the deal.

P.S. Here’s a list of 20 great things to do in Istanbul. The only thing keeping me from going over Inauguration Day weekend, when DC turns into a zoo, is that I just won’t have time to see it all :(

CREDIT: image – Wikimedia Commons, quote – Mean Girls, deal – Kayak.