Port-au-Prince, July 2012

Let me preface this entry by saying that I’m far from an authority on Haiti, and that I’ll also refrain from going too far into the weeds in terms of sociopolitical commentary. Haitians are some of the most enterprising people ever, yet the country faces an enormous number of interwoven challenges, many of which Haitian society must resolve itself, and which can’t just be willed away or covered up with billions of dollars in donor funds. The White Savior Industrial Complex permeates nearly everything related to foreign assistance, and that’s likely a big part of the problem.

Port-au-Prince is full of contrasts, and I’m not going to show you all the bad – the dirt, the trash, the poverty, the earthquake damage, you can find plenty of those shots in news reports. Instead, I wanted to show you some of what you probably haven’t seen on TV: a different side of Haiti.










Deal of the Week: DC – Puerto Rico, $240 R/T through April 2013

This week’s deal: $240 R/T airfare to Puerto Rico from DC, or $211 R/T from Raleigh, NC, available for travel dates through April 2013. The weather will be nice enough to enjoy El Morro (below) without getting heatstroke, and you’ll have a chance to familiarize yourself with our future 51st state.


I’d highly recommend staying at the El Convento, which has the added benefit of hosting all-you-can-consume wine & cheese soirees every night from 5-7 pm. Another food discovery was the El Meson sandwich chain (corner of calle San Jose & calle San Francisco), which serves a phenomenal breakfast. Great drinks & excellent conch are served at Aureola (106 calle San Sebastian) in Old San Juan. NOTE: If you’re going strictly for beach time, you’ll want to stay on the beach, as getting there from Old San Juan can get annoying and expensive.

CREDITS: image – Wikipedia, deal – Fly.com